Hiring in December

Hiring in December

Hiring in December

There seem to be a lot of strange ideas that because of the recession, companies will not be hiriing this holiday season. You may hear some job seekers mumbling that “hiring will be worse this December”.

You know what?

That is complete bunk… It isn’t true!

Most individuals in the employment field : Recruiters, Hiring managers, HR personnel, are totally aware that this December is not going to be any different than the rest of the year. Yes we have a recession, but the outlook for next year is that it will definitely be a better year all around. Employers are looking for new employees that can start immediately after New Years.

Let’s get rid of these pesky holiday job search rumors:

Rumor Number 1: Companies don’t hire during the holidays.

Truth: Yes the Holidays are extra busy and stressful but companies hire ( big time) in December: Why?

(A) Companies need to use up the funds in their budget or they lose it next year.
(B) Hiring managers need to tie up loose ends with unfilled positions before the end of the year.
(C) Some Employees tend to quit their jobs around the holidays. Why?

They have job offers but don’t want to quit before they get their…yes…you got it …BONUS!
This means end-of-year job openings that must be filled fast.

Rumor Number 2: There aren’t any good jobs available During the Holidays.

Truth: (Reread Truth number 1 above) Your chances of finding a job in December are as good as in any other month. Hiring is the end result of a need; not time of year! In fact waiting until after the 1st of January can set you back.

Rumor Number 3: Don’t bother looking for a job the middle of December.

Truth: The interview process does not stop because of the Holidays. You may need to be more flexible,but the more available you make yourself the better your chances . Other candidates will make the mistake of thinking they should wait until after the first of the year and so you can stroll on in, show your initiative and personal drive and land the job of your dreams.

Truth: At the risk of repeating myself, it is a perfect time to send out your Resume. With job seekers going on vacation and employees quitting their jobs, Recruiters hiring managers and employers are under the gun trying to find qualified employees. Take advantage of this scenario and send out your professional resume in volume.


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