Should I Put References with My Job Application?

Should I Put References with My Job Application

Should I Put References with My Job Application?

Q: They are currently hiring at my local hotel chain, and the lady there told me to print out a job application and bring it in. The application only consists of basic info and when I’d like to work. Should I attach a resume with references and work experience? Also do you need connections or past work experience to get hired there?
A: Your best bet is to have a resume with any application you submit. Why? The more professional you look and act, the better chance you will have an interview. Yes, it would be easy just to print out the application, fill it in and not think of anything about it. You need to convey that you are a very professional person. If you are just like everyone, you will be like everyone.

You need to have a very well crafted resume, you will be called back. Another thing you need to recall is try to get the hiring manager’s direct line to see what they are expecting. Call and ask what they are looking for. It’s not just about submitting that form and walking away to get the job, it’s about getting your name at the top of the pile by phone calling, emailing, and just oiling that HR wheel. You might be very surprised in how a great resume will get you an interview.

Lastly, you need to make sure you send off a Thank You letter when and if you interview. You are the best candidate if and only when you send a note that says, “It was really great meeting over the NAME OF POSITION. I know I can add so much to your team.” Make sure you sign the card and do it the same day you do the interview. So it’s so much more than an application in hand, and even a good resume. You have to be a nice and qualified person that has a great curb-appeal.

Your references should come later at the interview time. You don’t need to put them with your resume until your interview, and if and only if they say in the application for three professional references, put three references on the application.

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