Linkedin Profile Writing

LinkedIn – we are all familiar with the name and most of us have been trying to make a mark in the professional worlds through the space.

LinkedIn is a dedicated social media platform focusing on the aspect of professional networking and correspondence. It is an informal platform that is tailored for professionals and beginners who are gearing up to enter the professional business world with certain goals and aspirations.

LinkedIn lets you build network which in turn helps you get potential opportunities, right guidance, viewpoints and therefore a chance to build an impressive professional portfolio for yourself.

Unlike the regular jobsites and digital hiring spaces, not just the candidates but also the hiring managers, recruiters and HR professionals who’ve been in business for decades are using the services of LinkedIn to find the potential and appropriate candidatures to fill the vacancies.

Even the recent graduates, the business students and those pursuing professional diplomas and courses are encouraged to be there on LinkedIn platform to understand corporate culture, find the right connects and most of the times follow the influencers in their industry to stay up to date.

Social Recruitment Trends and LinkedIn Profile

Social Recruitment and profiling is gaining significance quickly and when you apply for a job, the first thing that a company does is social proofing – an appropriate LinkedIn profile multiplies the chances of an interview call.

The importance of LinkedIn profile is such that a drab looking, uncomplete profile can get you a rejection even if you had the potential and caliber for the job.

A good LinkedIn profile is like an online resume. Through a LinkedIn profile one can share their career synopsis, vocation rundown, projects and trainings together with complete work history, skills attained for a particular role.

Basically, LinkedIn is an extension of your professional brand online. Employers will search your name online after they have read your resume, so it should be impressive enough to catch the attention of your prospective employer.

As 20% of LinkedIn consist of recruiters, who are constantly looking for professionals in specific areas, and they want to find the best talent for the growth of their organization. It is about time to get yourself a professional LinkedIn profile and Razor Resume understands – the significance of it.

Click here to get yourself a Professional LinkedIn Profile. The importance of having a completely updated LinkedIn profile leaves no argument. Now what makes it a daunting task is the how part of LinkedIn profile writing. LinkedIn profiles are integral to present day networking, hiring, and selection processes, composing a professional and impressive LinkedIn profile is an important part of applying for a Job on the internet. We recommend a proper digital profile enhancement – it is similar to branding. You need to be organized with benefits at the center of your brand communication.

Because an effective profile can help you grab potential opportunities by being able to contact their various associates, industry friends, and potential bosses.

LinkedIn “All-Star Profile”

To make the most out of LinkedIn's tools and techniques, your initial step ought to be to revamp your profile and make it what LinkedIn calls an All- Star Profile.

The quality of the profile should be such that it gives the recruiter a pause when s/he comes across your LinkedIn profile. Some basics to be an “All-Star Profile’ include:

  • Your Industry and area should be mentioned
  • Your work experience duration should be mentioned clearly
  • Upload a profile photo (preferably a straight shot with clear(read plain) background
  • Include your latest position and expected set of responsibilities
  • Keep the Education section should up to date.
  • Clearly mention 5 aptitudes to the Skills and Endorsements area
  • Make relevant network connections and follow the right influencers so that your profile can
    be seen and found by the right kind of professionals.

The main point is, whether you’re composing your LinkedIn profile out of the scratch for the first time as a fresher or you’re redoing it to improve the quality of your present day profile of an experienced professional, having an effective and professionally equipped profile will increase the chances of your profile showing up, ending with an offer letter to a better job with a better pay.

At Razor Resume having an “All- Star Profile” is the starting point, we then optimize the profiles to get the optimum mileage. Profile optimization works like customizing your profile. Your LinkedIn profile is beyond resume it should be sharp, clear and to the point. It should stand out, easily found and help the employer see your personality and potential.

We are sure a little professional help from our experts won’t go in vain. Hiring a professional to give your career a boost is beneficial in all ways. A professional profile writer knows what makes the employer pause at one’s profile.

So, if you’re still wondering about the profitability of having a professional for your LinkedIn profile writing, we have an expert for you to talk to. You can give us a call or leave a mail at to get professional help for LinkedIn profile management.


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