Interview Questions

Interview Questions

Interview Questions

What’s that one letter word that has the capability to scare even the bravest of all?

Are you ready to find out? *Drumrolls please*

It’s Interviews!

Now life is pretty simple, you complete your schooling, become a graduate and then it starts. Interviews haunt even the best of us. How will it go? What Interview questions will they ask? Who all will be there taking the interview? will I be able to answer well? All these questions keep playing in our minds like a broken record till we come out of the cabin, finally done with the Interview.

One of the main reasons why we dread the idea of giving an Interview is the fear of being rejected. Because we all want to make an amazing career for ourselves. And in order to fulfill our dreams, we make lots of efforts, investing our time, money and soul in those dreams.

And then the day comes when all your hard work is judged and compared and is being put under a microscope when you get a call for an interview. And like anyone else, you too want to excel at it.     

As you know that, “Practice makes the man Perfect”, similarly when it comes to acing the interviews, practice plays an important role. The more you practice, the more confident and fluent you’ll get and won’t be at the risk of sounding rehearsed. Without practice, there are chances that out of nervousness you might stutter, fumble or stammer in an interview.

But there’s nothing in the world that you can’t conquer if you put your mind to it. At the end of the day, it’s just a question-answer round from your own life story. You just need to learn the best way to put it across the employer in order to charm him!

So, today we have come up with a number of most frequently asked Interview Questions with suitable answers that you can reshape according to your convenience.

Ques 1. Why should we hire you?

Ans- This is an age-old question which will never be crossed off from the list of most asked Interview questions. In order to understand how to answer this question in the best way, you need to understand this- Every job profile comes with specific job requirements. So, first, you need to analyze and think about how your skills match the job requirements. After aligning your skills & experience to the job requirements, frame your answer. Your answer should be such that it should send a clear message to the employer as to why you’re the best fit for the role.

You can start with something like this, “If you will hire me, it will be a great chance for me to showcase my skills. Because I think I can contribute a lot to your company with the best of my knowledge and experience. Adding to that, I’m adaptive and work well under pressure. Apart from this, my words cannot justify my action until I do not get the right opportunity to perform. So, it’ll be a privilege if you will give me this opportunity.”

Ques 2. Why did you leave your last job?

AnsThese type of interview questions asks for honesty. Don’t say anything negative about your last organization as that will leave the employer with the impression that after switching their company, you’ll do the same to them. And no company wants to tarnish their reputation when it comes to employee treatment.

So, frame your answers in a way that it comes across as something you wanted to do for the betterment of your personality or career growth or to fulfill your financial needs.

You can go with this, “Because I’m ambitious. To be honest, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with working in the same company until retirement. My dad and uncles did just that and they were happy. What I think is, it depends on the person, whether they are content working with the same firm or they want to learn about different work cultures or that they want to test themselves by going out of their comfort zones.

Some people like a routine for their whole life. I don’t envy that but I also don’t like monotony.

So, I belong to the latter. Also, if I speak honestly then, what you’re being paid also plays a role in there somehow!”

Ques 3. Why were you unemployed for such a long duration?

Ans- Now you could go with lots of flowery answers saying that you did it for personality development, or for higher studies or something else with the same line of thought.

But the answer that’s going to win you that job is not hidden in these cliched statements. What you are going to need to answer this question is raw honesty.

The thing that you need to understand is, that Life happens. Even the employer taking your interview knows that. So, be honest and open about your genuine reason for being unemployed for such a long duration.

Remember that Organizations appreciate people who are honest and dedicated, not those who just aim to impress them with their perfect answers. That honesty will take you a long way ahead.

So, to answer this question you can simply say, “I could give you a clichéd answer but I want to be honest. Because I think you’ll be able to trust me better if I’m honest. I was unemployed for such a long duration because I missed some important opportunities initially in my career and my struggle for not letting my past overshadow my present & future has brought me here. So, I’m hoping that I won’t have to struggle anymore.

That you’ll be able to see me for the person I am with my knowledge & skills instead of what happened in my past.”

Ques 4. You mentioned in your strengths that you work well under pressure. can you tell me something about that?

Ans- These types of questions are always tricky to answer.  If answered well, it can impress the interviewer right away but if you flunked this one then it might leave them with disappointment. There’s no midway response to this.

So, the best way to answer such tricky interview questions is to follow the STAR model.

S- Describe a situation where you were stressed or had to work under pressure.

T- What was the task at hand and what did you need to do to handle that pressure.

A- What were the actions you took to handle the pressure.

R- What was the result of your actions.

Ques 5. Are you a team player?

Ans- This is a question where you can show off your amazing teamwork skills and charm off the employer. They love someone who can be a team player and a team leader at the same time.

So, you can go with this answer, “Yes! I’ve worked with others and been successful in that position. I have the ability to recognize and understand the viewpoint of others.

And I can adjust nicely with my team members. Being a team member, this is always important to respect others views and opinions. It is equally important to compromise my view in the sack for the project to be successful. I want every member of the team to get success in their parts which aggregates a success for the team.

For me, a group discussion always helps to exchange feedback and suggestion. More importantly, I am a likable person and maintain good communication with my fellow colleagues.”

By saying this, you have mentioned all the qualities that a team player needs to have.

Ques. 6 What position would you prefer in a project, a team player or a team leader?

Ans- The thing with this type of interview questions is you have to show that you can be adaptive. That you can be a team leader or a team player, whatever be the need of the situation.

So, the most suitable answer for this question will be, It depends on the necessity of the project. I am equally good as a leader and as a team player. My priority is not the designation but completing the project in a successful manner and I believe in doing everything that can be done from my side to make this happen. In my last job, I was alone assigned for a small project which I completed successfully and my hard work was appreciated by Boss. In college, I played an important role in my football team. So, I got success in both roles.”

Ques 7. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Ans- I know we all have wandered from time to time that what is our future plan. Mostly because we dread such interview questions which makes us think that what will happen? how’s the blueprint going to look like… But the future is ever changing and so is our needs and priorities. So, while answering this question, ask yourself what do you deserve 5 years from now on.

And you can answer with, “I see myself not just being a part of a team, but also managing teams. So, I would like to see myself in a more responsible position with more roles & responsibilities.”

Ques 8. What are your weaknesses?

Ans- Now to answer this question you need to remember one thing: you’re not in a court under an oath to speak the truth, only the truth, and nothing but the truth. You need to maintain a balance when you frame an answer to this question.

You cannot just outright name a weakness that will lead to your instant rejection. No employer wants to find out that you hate working in a team or you have serious anger issues.   And no employer is going to believe you if you say that you have no weaknesses at all. Always mention weaknesses in a way that shows you’re trying to improve them and which can also be seen as a strength. So to answer this question, be diplomatic and go with something like, “If I talk about my weaknesses, I’ll say that I am a very tenacious person so that makes it very difficult for me to let go of projects sometimes till I am not satisfied even if I have to put extra hours into it, I do it. But to improve that I am learning how to prioritize my work.”

Ques 9. Tell me about yourself?

Ans- A question that has been around for ages! No matter how unpredictable or unexpected your interview goes, be sure to have this question served as a starter in your full-course meal of interview questions.

Now there are many conflicts on what’s the best way to answer this question,  so I would suggest that the right way to answer this question would be to tell the Interviewer about yourself. Be real and genuine, tell about your family, about your hobbies and passion, your perspective in life, your work philosophy. All of it tells the interviewer what kind of person you are.

And you never know which positive thought of yours will end up impressing the employer.

So, here’s an example you can take some help to frame yours, “Well, my name is Alex and I belong to New York. I come from a joint family so I have learned the art of living with people of a different perspective. And in addition, I guess I have learned something from everyone.

I am a very positive person, a self-motivator basically and have the ability to motivate my team as well.

I love my mom the most, she is actually my inspiration to do better and to be better. When it comes to my hobbies, I love to read novels, from fiction to biography, I am an avid reader.

Apart from that, If I talk about my academics, I have been an above average student, have won prizes and medals in various competitions. And I believe that anything can be done if you put your heart and mind in it.”

Ques 10. What are you looking for In this new position?

Ans- When you answer this question, keep in mind that you don’t say the words like ‘Good appraisal’, ‘good salary’, or words like, ‘increment’. That can lead to a swift rejection. Your reasons should never revolve around money, even if your main reason for doing that particular job is money only.

Keep your answers short and light, something like, “I am looking for my growth, in both terms, in experience, and in knowledge. I like my routine work but I also like challenges from time to time. But, I would like to figure out things as I go.”

Apart from these tips, just remember that an interview is nothing more than just a question-answer round about your life only. So, show the employer that you’re passionate about the work and you’re willing to put in the time and effort to contribute to the organization’s success.

Be confident. Dress accordingly and prepare well. And the world is your oyster then!

So, these were some of the most frequently asked and as frequently fumbled interview questions. For more tips on selling yourself in an interview. Schedule a appointment with our Resume Expert Here.

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