How to Prepare for an Interview?

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How to Prepare for an Interview?

Do you still get the interview jitters or get nervous, whenever you receive interview calls. Don’t worry, there are so many measures or steps you could take to make sure that you leave a great impression to the hiring manager or interviewer. Preparing in advance for an interview will not only boost your confidence; it will secure a job opportunity as well.

In this article, we are going to provide some realistic ideas on how to prepare for an interview?

You all have heard this, ‘The first impression is the last impression’ and surely at a job interview, you do want to make out most of this opportunity because you won’t be getting any chance to make any second impression. So you’ll want to prepare in advance to avoid any mistake and to look more confident in front of interviewer.

Here is a step by step list explaining how to prepare for an interview.

Job Analysis:

It is the most important part in preparation for an interview, take time to do analysis of the job description and what the company is looking in prospect or applicant. Try to make a checklist of the skill set that you require, knowledge and professional values that are sought by the company. This analysis could be a deal breaker for you, and it will most definitely boost your chances to get the job.

Find your Key Strength:

Sometimes it happens with most applicants that they are not even aware of their potential or strengths. Make another checklist of your strength, ability and match those with the criteria’s that required by the recruiter for the job post.

Research about company and job role:

When it comes to the question of “how to prepare for an interview”, the most important step is to be thoroughly aware of the company you’re going to interview for. Having knowledge of all functions and offerings of the company gives an impression that applicant is well aware of the company and the job profile for which he’s applying for. It gives an edge to you for selection over other candidates.

Pen down any questions you came across during your research so you can ask during your interview because interview is just not a one-way process, if you have any question regarding company or job post; just ask your interviewer because it also conveys that candidate has done his homework pretty well and came prepared to the interview with relevant intelligent questions.

However never ask a question for the sake of asking questions, ask relevant questions because you certainly won’t want to look like a fool by asking something irrelevant.

Dress and Appearance:

Even when you are wear your smile and confidence, the appearance is another significant step when we discuss How to prepare for an Interview, because what you wear on your interview also leaves an impression on the interviewer, you should look neat and tidy. If you have applied a job which is a bit of casual, like a store or mall you can wear semi-formal but it’s still important to look well groomed and neat. My opinion is that no matter what kind of job you’re applying for, being neat, tidy and well-groomed leaves a good impression. If you have applied for a professional role, then make sure you wear business formals for the interview, and always make sure your clothes are well pressed and clean with appropriate accessories, and this preparation should be done 1-2 days prior to the interview so you can focus on interview properly. Your attire is very important in an interview; ultimately interviewer is going to put you under the microscope, so he’s going to observe everything about you, including your dressing, hairstyle and makeup. Take care of these things, so you won’t miss out on any chance to impress the interviewer.

Practice to avoid Jitters:

Practice is the best way to avoid agitation or jitters because practice will make you mentally prepared and you won’t be jumbling in front of the interviewer if you have already prepared the answers for the most common questions
asked in interviews.

Mock interviews are also a very helpful way to prepare for an interview, try to practice interview in the same format it will make your task easier and you will not miss out anything during preparation.

Start preparing for most generic questions asked by interviewers and record your responses of those questions and try to do an analysis of the answer given by you and see how much you can improve your answer or there is an option for a better answer for those questions. For more information, you can refer to my previous blog on interview questions.

In lot of my sessions with my clients, we have successfully worked on such cases and they do wonders.

Read your resume:

You may be wondering why I’m telling you to read your own resume, the simple reason is that, to know you better the interviewer just need to look at your resume. Interviewer tends to pick out things from your resume and ask you to elaborate it, as a candidate you’re accountable for providing answers about skills and experience that you have gained in your previous organization, even though the information you have mentioned is old, so make sure you read your resume before going to interview. In my opinion this step you totally won’t want to miss on how to prepare for an interview.

Be on Time:

Reaching on time at venue shows that you’re punctual. I think you don’t want to lose the job opportunity just because you are late to the interview venue. So try to reach 8-10 min prior to the given time, set the location of the venue on GPS so you won’t get lost or stuck in traffic and it would be good for you to set your mode of commuting
one day before to the interview. This is one of the most important parts of how to prepare for an interview.

I hope you will follow these steps on how to prepare for an interview successfully. For more information or a session on how to prepare for interview you can contact us here.

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