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Job Coach!? You might be wondering what a job coach is? Lot of questions cross your mind; like why would people need job coaching? And how job coaching can help in building your career? Will this really help? Do I really need a Job Coach?

You know about the Sports Coaches, they help the team players recognize their talents, develop goals and identify areas where his player can improvise; similarly, a job coach is someone who gives you the honest input and develops various strategies to tackle with your career problems so you can reach your goals and build your career.

What a Job Coach can do?

Success of any team depends upon the players as well as coach. In job searching, a job coach is very important member of your team. A job coach not only streamlines the career graph for you but also motivates you to pursue the right career direction. A job coach can counsel you about your strengths and weaknesses and will also hand-hold you by guiding how to overcome your problems. Implementation and execution of ideas in right way is very important to reach your desired goals, a job coach will simply hold you accountable for following through with your goals and that too with career timelines.

How Job Coaching Can Help You?

Searching a right desired job is not an easy thing, you have to consider so many things like your networking skills, what sort of resume you would need, your appearance, how to prepare for every interview, besides this you also have to manage your personal growth and emotional stress.

A job coach can help you in managing all of these concerns. He or she will guide and help you in assessing yourself with a clear viewpoint; he can motivate you and remind you what you’ve accomplished. It is very important because sometimes rejection can derail you from your path and emotional stress can break your focus; job coaching can help you to overcome all these hurdles in your career growth.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just once more time.” –Thomas A. Edison

Understand the challenges a Job Coach can help you deal with:

  • Failure and rejection create a domino effect.
  • Due to this you feel powerless on over every situation.
  • Loss of focus.
  • Feeling lost and unsure about your skills.
  • Low morale and loss of confidence.
  • Right networking skills
  • Drifting away from career goals

Don’t lose heart, at Razor Resume we can help you overcome all these challenges. Our founder Jason S is a profound career and job coach and has a diversified excellent work profile.

A Job coach can guide you and would be willing to do following things:

  1. To coach you through you job search techniques.
  2. He or she could be someone you want to be asking advice and guidance.
  3. Give you feedback and will tell you the area of improvement.
  4. Help you in developing new ideas, brainstorm with you.
  5. Give you feedback about resume, cover letter, communication technique, your  appearance.
  6. Helps in boosting your morale and encourages you.
  7. Give proper feedback of your progress.
  8. Helps you to develop interpersonal skills.

Job Coach Role

Job coach should be able to identify your interest in order to provide clear viewpoint on your career preferences, the industry trends, upskilling requisites if any. The job coach must get to know you by spending time with you and by listening to your thoughts and ideas. Job coach should also know what are your cherished skills and abilities, by assessing your achievements and career milestones he or she can tell you the areas of improvement and according to that a devised job coaching session is conducted thereby allowing you to work on your shortcomings and maximize your potential.

Job coach should able to identify the workplace support because every job is different. Sometimes at a new job site people find it difficult to adjust and adapt in the different environment, a job coach should familiarize you with a variety of workplace support and be ready to facilitate the support to help the new hire to be successful.
A good job coach will provide you guidance and career counseling, follow-up services are provided to monitor your work performance and job satisfaction, this is the unique feature Jason S at Razor Resume feels is most important as a job coach. He keeps the interaction on and provides a feedback or follow-up throughout your job coaching, therefore you can keep a track of your progress and achieve your desired goals.

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