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difference between CV and resume

The Difference between CV and Resume

It happens often that most of the graduates and job seekers are unable to tell the difference or distinguish between CV and Resume, due to this smaller ignorant mistake, may cost you the only shot for your desired job, so it’s important to understand which is which?! Curriculum Vitae (CV) The curriculum vitae word originated from Latin expression, the meaning of Curriculum Vitae means the course of my life. A CV gives a comprehensive summary of your education, experience, and certifications. [...]

Professional Credential

The Professional Credential Section

Your professional resume and CV can either help you greatly increase your salary or hinder your career advancement. Here’s how to achieve the former with your resume. First, focus on the structure. An ideal structure consists of Name and Contact Information, Career Summary, Computer Skills, Professional Experience, Education, and Training. Then, secondly, consider the length. For entry-level purchasing positions, a one-page resume is appropriate. However, if you have more than five to seven years of experience, then you want to [...]

What to say when giving a hiring manager my resume?

What to say when giving a hiring manager my resume?

Q: Okay, I applied online at this store but I’m going to turn in my resume tomorrow morning. What should I say to the hiring manager when I take my resume and CV in? Should I ask for an interview or just give it to her and leave? A: This is a great opportunity to do for a walk-talking interview without setting a proper interview time with HR. And that may lead to a fast job offer than the other [...]

Should I Put References with My Job Application

Should I Put References with My Job Application?

Q: They are currently hiring at my local hotel chain, and the lady there told me to print out a job application and bring it in. The application only consists of basic info and when I’d like to work. Should I attach a resume with references and work experience? Also do you need connections or past work experience to get hired there? A: Your best bet is to have a resume with any application you submit. Why? The more professional [...]

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