Networking 201

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Networking 201

Networking 101: Start Today and Everyday

Networking. Not a scary word, but for some it is, and yet this is the key way of locating new job leads for your job search. We at Razor want results, and this is step one in finding that great job. We don’t know your contact lists, but we will ask you. We can’t promise an instant hire after one day of calling, but starting today is the key. You can generate job leads today even within the next 30 minutes just if you simply take action and just start today, right now. Here are three kinds of people to call today. We dare you to call. Just try it and see what happens. Let’s say it’s your classroom assignment for today to do by 3pm. Give it a go. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

1. Call a former client you liked in the past

Call a company or organization that you really could see yourself working for or see them as a great company. You have contacts there you might not know of, and would just not know unless you call. There is a CAUTION here: If you’re working now, never, never ever call current customers for job leads, ever. That’s conflict of interest. No matter how sensible you think they may be, or how sensible you are, this will almost always get back to your employer.

2. Call a well-connected friend you know, or your significant other knows from the recent past

Make your labyrinth of friends work for you in a new and fresh way. We all have at least one friend or our significant other’s friend who seems to know everyone in town. Now that is the call you need to make today for sure. By inviting them to dinner at your home, you might advantage the situation in a way you never thought. Dinner out? You can try that too. Be sincere and show that you are really a person they want to help. Sometimes the people we think are friends, are just by-name, but be assured that well-connected people love to chat, and give help when they can.

And when you meet, bring a list of the 10 companies you’d most like to work for. Ask if she knows anyone who might know someone at those top 10 companies. Friend-of-a-friend always worked for me. Bring more companies if you want. From this dinner you should glean from the conversation at least 10 names and phone numbers you can call for informational interviews later.

3. Call a former employer today: make it #1 priority

Pick up your cell phone and call a supervisor or boss from any job you’ve had since the age of 18, or even earlier. Tell them how much you enjoyed working at their organization. First of all, your former manager will be happily pleased by your call. A surprise call is always enjoyable to anyone.
So you got Networking 101 down now. It’s not a scary word, but step one in finding that great job you’ve always wanted, and it revolves around the people you know already. As said before, we at Razor don’t know your contact lists. You know them the best. We can’t promise an instant hire after one day of calling, but starting today is the most important key. It’s your classroom assignment for today. Give it a go.

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