Can I put that I’m good at criticizing films on a resume?

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Can I put that I’m good at criticizing films on a resume?

(I know that it sounds silly, but it is a skill that a lot of people don’t have. I’m fresh out of high school and have no experience so don’t be answering that it goes in experience. I’m also good at explaining why movies are good or bad. I can go into deep analyses and I’m able to write well.)

A: I feel that you can put this on your CV or your resume. Why do I say that? It is vital to show the whole you, the organic you on a career-related document. I am very aware that most in my field, resume writers, that most resume LOOK and SOUND the same. I put a quote on my resume, do a lot of extra items that add to the whole person and look of the resume. How does putting down that you are a runner on a CFO resume add to it? Well, you could interview and see that the person you are talking to (the HR manager or hiring manager) loves running. It is a talking-point. And that is where you want to get to be, on an interview is a talking point that breaks the natural tension between interviewer and interviewee. There is a point when you first interview it is all formalalities.

When you have a talking point like that you are into movies that can make for a very engaging conversation. That is what you want. A very engaging conversation at the desk of your hiring manager. I don’t care that you are entry level right now, but in the end, you might be a CEO in the next 30 years coming up, but give it a go. Try it out and see what happens that shows you are very good at movie reviews. There is so much out there you can blog out that. Make yourself a blog and try to monetize it. You might find that you are more into the movies, writing it up and then have your own shop to hire other writers 5 years from now. Never ever second-guess yourself.

-Jason Stauffacher

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