Behavioral interview questions

Behavioral questions in interviews: How to prepare for the perfect answers?

What is a behavioral job interview? Usually, when you apply for a job with any employment firm, the company may ask you to attend a behavioral round. It is just like any normal discussion session, with the difference arising in the types of questions asked. Here, the panel will shoot questions, aimed to understand how you tackled certain scenarios in your previous workplace. Behavioral questions in interviews are meant to understand your behavioral pattern in the past and predict your [...]

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The iPhone Gone Bad in Japan

I was flying to Southeast Asia last spring for a long holiday and a cheap getaway. I really needed it. I didn’t really plan the layover as I barely look over my itinerary as a standard practice to make it more exciting. I do that on purpose; it’s more invigorating that way. So I had my layover in Japan, processed threw the international customs and had nowhere to stay the night. Visa in hand, I had not a clue [...]

How to Prepare for an Interview | Razor Resume | Interview Tips

How to Prepare for an Interview?

Do you still get the interview jitters or get nervous, whenever you receive interview calls. Don’t worry, there are so many measures or steps you could take to make sure that you leave a great impression to the hiring manager or interviewer. Preparing in advance for an interview will not only boost your confidence; it will secure a job opportunity as well. In this article, we are going to provide some realistic ideas on how to prepare for an interview? You [...]

difference between CV and resume

The Difference between CV and Resume

It happens often that most of the graduates and job seekers are unable to tell the difference or distinguish between CV and Resume, due to this smaller ignorant mistake, may cost you the only shot for your desired job, so it’s important to understand which is which?! Curriculum Vitae (CV) The curriculum vitae word originated from Latin expression, the meaning of Curriculum Vitae means the course of my life. A CV gives a comprehensive summary of your education, experience, and certifications. [...]

Interview Questions

Interview Questions

What’s that one letter word that has the capability to scare even the bravest of all? Are you ready to find out? *Drumrolls please* It’s Interviews! Now life is pretty simple, you complete your schooling, become a graduate and then it starts. Interviews haunt even the best of us. How will it go? What Interview questions will they ask? Who all will be there taking the interview? will I be able to answer well? All these questions keep playing in our [...]

selling yourself in interview

Selling Yourself in Your Interview

While many of us think highly of our backgrounds and career, what we can bring to a potential company, at the end of the day, would you really hire yourself if you were at all honest with yourself? Most say yes, but is that the best answer? Let’s explore. To answer that above question honestly, for your best in mind, it is all-important for job seekers (that is you) to take a few moments and re-assess what your are conveying [...]

Professional Credential

The Professional Credential Section

Your professional resume and CV can either help you greatly increase your salary or hinder your career advancement. Here’s how to achieve the former with your resume. First, focus on the structure. An ideal structure consists of Name and Contact Information, Career Summary, Computer Skills, Professional Experience, Education, and Training. Then, secondly, consider the length. For entry-level purchasing positions, a one-page resume is appropriate. However, if you have more than five to seven years of experience, then you want to [...]

Resume Writing Terms

Resume Writing Terms

Having a well-written resume is vital in any job market. It can make the difference between getting an interview or not. With so much competition for openings, you need a resume that sets you apart from the other candidates. Below are some terms that can help you achieve that goal. Reverse Chronological Resume – Outlines a person’s job history, starting from the current or latest position and working backwards. The flaw in this type is that it is easy to [...]

What to say when giving a hiring manager my resume?

What to say when giving a hiring manager my resume?

Q: Okay, I applied online at this store but I’m going to turn in my resume tomorrow morning. What should I say to the hiring manager when I take my resume and CV in? Should I ask for an interview or just give it to her and leave? A: This is a great opportunity to do for a walk-talking interview without setting a proper interview time with HR. And that may lead to a fast job offer than the other [...]

The Worst Interview Mistakes To Avoid

The Worst Interview Mistakes To Avoid

So many people treat the interview as if it will take care of itself, and therefore they make the same critical errors. The fact is that far more interviews are LOST than won, so I want to show you the 5 biggest mistakes to avoid. Follow this advice and you’re already ahead of the game. 1. Not preparing properly Too many people I coach, those that aren’t getting any job offers, are walking in to their interviews ill-equipped and ill-prepared to [...]

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