Author - Jason Stauffacher

Behavioral interview questions

Behavioral questions in interviews: How to prepare for the perfect answers?

What is a behavioral job interview? Usually, when you apply for a job with any employment firm, the company may ask you to attend a behavioral round. It is just like any normal discussion session, with the difference arising in the types of questions asked. Here, the panel will shoot questions, aimed to understand how you tackled certain scenarios in your previous workplace. Behavioral questions in interviews are meant to understand your behavioral pattern in the past and predict your [...]

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The iPhone Gone Bad in Japan

I was flying to Southeast Asia last spring for a long holiday and a cheap getaway. I really needed it. I didn’t really plan the layover as I barely look over my itinerary as a standard practice to make it more exciting. I do that on purpose; it’s more invigorating that way. So I had my layover in Japan, processed threw the international customs and had nowhere to stay the night. Visa in hand, I had not a clue [...]

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